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Non-profit : Child of
My Dreams

In 1996, Ms. Simons Bennett developed Willow Tree Media’s first product,

It was one of the first community websites for individuals and families facing the challenges of infertility and/or adoption. The website featured online chat rooms and auditoriums with a board of high profile fertility clinics and adoption lawyers. COMD was recognized as a valued resource for couples and individuals dealing with infertility and adoptions.

The site was a highlighted success story on multiple platforms such as “Infertility on the Internet” an online interview with the Healthy Network, an online interview with the Washington Post entitled “Accessing Information about Adoption and Infertility on the Internet”, and multiple essays.

The site was a huge success in helping couples find the right form of conception or adoption.

Child of My Dreams was eventually sold in 2000 to an international pharmaceutical company that was able to expand the site for families in other countries.

• “Infertility on the Internet” The Health Network (Television interview)
• Personal infertility essay published newsletter for Ohio Resolve Chapter
• Personal essay "In Their Own Words”, Agora Publishers, 2000
• “Accessing Information about Adoption and Infertility on the Internet” online interview Washington


COMD was featured on:
• Parent Magazine
• Child Magazine
• Access Magazine
• (top site picks)
• Go Network (top site picks)
• CNNonline

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