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The Director of Marketing for Global I.M.P.A.C.T, part of New Vision Renewable Energy Leadership Foundation, came to Willow Tree about creating their website and collateral materials.

The foundation works with youth groups all over the country engaging young people as problem solvers and leaders who are helping families and villages have brighter futures with solar lighting.

Global I.M.P.A.C.T. asked Willow Tree to help the non-profit with branding and website construction for their mentoring program.

Willow Tree created a user friendly website that gave each youth group the ability to customize their own page to meet their goals by adding in their respective youtube, social media, videos and photos.

The groups were excited to have their own pages, especially because most of the youth groups come from low income families and some had no web presence at all.

It was important that Willow Tree made the interface very user friendly so each youth group could quickly learned how to update and control their own pages. Willow Tree met their goals and each group is now updating their pages independently and the foundation is very pleased with the website and the branded materials.

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